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Blog - GOBI | Atlanta Web Design | Georgia Web Design

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GOBI - Finally Web Design Made Simple


on Sunday, 18 March 2012. Posted in GOBI Web Designs Blog

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines account for most of the traffic your site will receive. Search engines are what "buyers" use to find goods and services, and you want your site to be on the first page of those search results. This is where GOBI can help you. We will analyze the market, recommend changes to your site, and employ an effective backlinking strategy to improve your site rankings.


Keyword analysis

This is the cornerstone of any successful SEO campaign. The success of your site and SEO campaigns depend on solid keyword research. Once you know the terms that people interested in your goods or services are actually searching you are ahead of most of your competition. Take your keyword analysis a step forward and take a thorough look at the strength (not number) of competing sites, and you will find those golden keywords. Focus on these keywords and you will see your traffic increase dramatically.

GOB starts with several broad terms related to your business, from these we harvest several hundred related search terms. We employ our proven techniques to filter these terms to find the most popular search terms. We narrow down the keyword terms to a set of 5. This is the most number of keywords we can effectively target in a single campaign. Our experience has proven that each SEO campaign should focus on no more than 5 search terms, any more than that at one time dilutes the focus of your campaign.

Now we assess the competition. Unlike most SEOs don't use the number of competing sites to measure the strength of competition. In our opinion there are always 9 competing sites, that's because by default there are 10 positions on the first page of Google, and that is where you want to be. That means your site and 9 competitors.

Our SEO campaigns take 3 months to complete, and the results of the campaign will not be fully realized until 6-12 months after we start. This is done on purpose. Google views sites whose backlinks and visibility grow too much, too fast with suspicion. Instead our campaigns show a gradual, natural growth.

On Page SEO
Using the keyword set from our initial keyword analysis, we make several recommendations for changes to your current site to optimize it for the selected keyword terms. Historically this meant changes to the site meta tags such as "keywords" and "description" and we still do this, although these techniques mean very little to Google anymore. More effective changes are adding keywords to title tags, placing keywords in the header tags, and adding more content relevant to the selected keywords.

Page Indexing

The process of getting each pages listed on Google. We are not worried about rankings at this time. We just want Google to know you are there. We don't use directory submissions; it is too slow and not as effective. Our process normally gets your pages indexed in just a couple of days; we sometimes see results in a matter of hours.

Content Creation
We begin building quality, relevant articles associated to your selected keywords. Each article is written in such a way as to attract Search Engines when the keywords are searched.

Backlinking campaign
No other SEO technique is as effective having quality backlinks from a variety of authoritative websites. Our campaigns will provide you high quality backlinks by employing several methods.

Blogs - There are millions of blogs out there, most won't let you post on their sites. GOBI has a network of Blog partners with PageRanks between 1-4 that will gladly post our articles. Every blog sits on a different host and IP block, which is what Google wants to see.

Article Directories - This is where many webmasters and magazines go to get their content. They have several advantages, first they provide a quality backlink from a PR 4+ website, they provide traffic back to your site, and they promote you as an expert voice in your market. GOBI will place quality articles on the top directories for you.

Web 2.0 sites - These are PR4+ sites made up of hundreds of thousands of small one page sites on almost any topic. The advantages here are similar to article directories, but they tend to get more traffic, and therefore can potentially forward more traffic to your site. By using web 2.0 sites as opposed to just article directories, your backlinks come from a greater variety of sources improving your SEO.

Press Releases - Besides providing a great backlink from a PR5 site, a press release puts your business out in front of thousands of journalists and media, which in turn can lead to a great boon to your business. Depending on the SEO Package you choose, your press release will provide between 10-100 backlinks. Our GOBI Gold package puts your release on PR newswire, a tier 1 newswire. Thousands of magazines, newspapers and industry periodicals nationwide subscribe to PR Newswire and rely on it to provide them stories of interest to their readers. Our Bronze and Silver packages send your releases nationwide to a network of web-based outlets and RSS Feeds. Regardless of which SEO Package you choose, your business and your story will be available to thousands on web and print media outlets.

Social Bookmarks - These are not necessarily quality backlinks, but they are effective in making sure you pages get indexed quickly on all the major search engines. They also provide to the variety of links you will get from a GOBI SEO campaign.

SEO takes time and a lot of work, we don't take short cuts. Instead we develop a network of solid backlinks and ensure your site is optimized for your targeted keywords. No SEO company can honestly guarantee a first page placement, but we can find the keywords that will offer you the best opportunity to increase your traffic. The single greatest factor in the failure of small business websites is that they put all their resources into web development and little to no resources in SEO. Ideally you should budget at least 50% of your resources and budget into SEO. Targeted traffic will make your site a success and bring in increased business. We think that a site is not complete without some degree of SEO work, for this reason we include the Bronze SEO Package with each of our website packages. Our bronze SEO package goes well beyond adding keywords to your site pages. Our bronze SEO package includes a keyword research and analysis, backlink creation and a press release. To our knowledge there is no other Web development company that does this.


SEO - The Misconceptions Are True

on Saturday, 26 February 2011. Posted in GOBI Web Designs Blog

Rethinking SEO

I do a fair share of reading on SEO, and I see a lot of advice from so-called Gurus that is just plain wrong.  It sometimes seems like everyone read the the same outdated book on SEO and are blindly repeating the same lines with little or no experience.  One of the things that stood out to me lately is that several articles by "Gurus" talk about SEO misconceptions, and invariably they cover the same ones.  Let me touch on a few.

1.  Don't just focus on Google.  Yahoo, MSN and Bing also have millions of people doing searches.  Sure this is true, but as of February 2011 Google had 82.72% of the search engine market share (Yahoo 6.42%, Bing 3.14 and MSN is lumped in with other).  Small business owners should focus their resources where they will get the greatest return.  I say if you focus on getting the best search engine results from Google alone, you are using your time and energy wisely.  In my experience, if I can get a site on the first page of Google's search results, it will do fine on Yahoo too.  It is always best to keep effective strategies as simple as possible.

2. SEO is a one time effort.  Here many Gurus will tell you that SEO is a constant and ongoing process.  That is sometimes true, especially for highly competitive keyword phrases. A mortgage refinancing company looking to rank in the top 5 for "low mortage rates" will certainly have a full time SEO staff and spend thousands of dollars every month to maintain that ranking.  These are not my typical clients.  Most of my clients run local businesses and want to use thier websites to increase thier business.  I could repeat the same line most SEOs use and tell them that they need to constantly work on their SEO, but I know that's simply not true in most cases.  A owner of a Italian restaurant in Joneboro (A city just outside the Atlanta Metro Area) needs traffic from people looking a good restaurant in Jonesboro or the Atlanta area.  Although getting a good ranking for this purpose will certainly take a concerted and focused SEO campaign; the work once done, could keep this site ranked well for several years.  I have many sites that are still ranked in the top 5 for their targeted keywords after 3-4 years.  Now if my clients want to rank high for another set of keywords, it requires another SEO campaign, and that is always my clients decision.

Organic SEO

on Monday, 16 August 2010. Posted in GOBI Web Designs Blog

Paid SEO versus Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to increase the visibility of a website by striving to place a site at the top of search engine results.  Normally a person inputs a keyword or keyword phrase into the textbox of a search engine like Google, which in turn provides a list of all the pages it thinks you will find most useful and relevant in relation to the keyword phrase you typed in.  The resulting listing is called a Search Engine Results Page or SERP.  The goal of an SEO expert is to achieve a number one ranking on all the major search engines.  My strategy is to rank number one in Google.  Google has over 60% of the market share, meaning they have more search requests than the rest of the search engines combined.  If I achieve a top ranking on Google, I almost always an in the top 5 positions in Yahoo, MSN and Bing.

There are two way to get to the first page of Google.  One is to buy your placement, the other is to provide highly relevant content and then work hard to get it ranked well by Google.  The problem with paying to rank for Google is that once you stop paying, you are no longer listed. Another drawback is that you would have to pay each search engine for place on their respective pages.  By providing relevant content and using SEO experts and SEO techniques, you can get ranked for free, in the main SERP listing.  This is called organic SEO.  With organic SEO you never have to pay.  You are listed because it is the search engines mission to provide useful, relevant results.  By executing good SEO techniques, you will get listed on all the search engines.

Here is an example of Paid SEO listings


Here is an example of free ( organic SEO )


Paid SEO is a fast and easy way to get your site in front of potentially thousands of eyeballs every day, but can be very expensive long term.  Organic SEO on the other hand, is slow and takes a lot of man hours to rank well, especially for a very competitive keyword, and can be very expensive in the short-term.  Once your site has been established and is has a high organic SEO for several keyword teams, it can bring in tons of visitors everyday for free.  Often times a combination of both methods will work best for a small business.  Set up a budget for paid SEO or Pay Per Click PPC, campaigns, while simultaneously working on your organic SEO results.  Once you are ranking on the first page for a particular keyword, drop it from your PPC campaign, keep repeating this until you no longer need any PPC.

Assessing Your Online Competition

on Monday, 19 March 2012. Posted in GOBI Web Designs Blog

Use Smart SEO Techniques to Gauge the Competition

One of the first things search engine marketing specialist will do is assess the strength of the competition for each keyword they are evaluating. Inexperienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists will look at the number of competing websites. For example if they are targeting "Cheap Dog Beds" they might see over 1 million competing sites, as compared to "Quality Dog Beds" with half that number. The assumption is that the latter has less competition and is therefore easier keyword for which to rank well.

My experience has taught me that for any keyword, I have 10 competing sites. Experienced SEO experts understand why. There are typically 10 listings on the first page of Google (you can modify this using advanced Google settings, but it is 10 for 99% of people). The amount of traffic you can expect to receive from search engines after the first page drops significantly. The goal of any competent Internet marketing specialist is to get to the first page of Google for their chosen keyword.

The best SEO technique to evaluate the competition is by looking at the authority and relevance of each page in the top 10 and then determine whether a keyword is worth targeting.

You could do some really time intensive research and calculate how trusted each site is being checking to see how many people link back to the site, the strength each of those backlinking sites, the quality of each site, to include content and number of related pages, etc. Fortunately Google already does this and more and after assessing the quality of each site they bestow a Pagerank or PR to each page. A PR denotes the trust Google has in a site and its authority. A page with a high PR can rank for any given keyword much easier than one with little or no Pagerank. As I am writing this post, GOBI has a PR of 3, respectable but I'm working hard to improve that. has a Pagerank of 10 (the highest). If I could convince the Whitehouse webmaster to give me a few links for "web design" it would boost my authority and Pagerank considerably.

Another factor to consider is how focused on the desired keyword are the top 10 sites. If they are using the keyword in their title tags and header tags, they are actively working that keyword. If you have several high PR sites actively working a keyword, you could try to compete, but the amount of time and effort you put into doing so would be better spent on other easier keywords.

As you do the work of developing pages with quality content on your site, promoting the site, and creating backlinks to your pages by publishing articles, blog posts etc. You will over time increase your own Pagerank and authority. You will begin to rank well for words you have not even targeted based on this authority. Once you have gained a certain amount of Pagerank and authority, you can go back and compete for those keywords that were out of your reach before.

Internet Marketing Tools

on Monday, 19 March 2012. Posted in GOBI Web Designs Blog

Make Your Business Site a Success

Internet Marketing Tools

Traffic is everything to a business site on the Internet.  With traffic, your site can make you a lot of money, without it, your site does not exist.  Internet Marketing (IM) deals with getting your site out in front of the right eyeballs and generating traffic and in turn profits.  Internet Marketing falls into two general categories, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online promotion.  SEO is the art and business of getting your site ranked at the very top of search engine results pages (SERPs), other online promotions is putting your site onto pages, ezines, and email distribution lists, and any other online venues that are viewed by thousands of people.

Internet Marketing Tools

Professional Internet marketers rely on tools to do the heavy lifting for them.  Many of these tools are available to anyone, and much of what Internet marketers provide is simply knowledge and experience.  The most important tool in you IM arsenal is Google.  Google has by far, the largest market share of search engine traffic, and is where most people go to find sites on the Internet.  Let's face it Google is the gatekeeper web traffic, with millions, if not billions of people every week using it to find information and relevant websites.  Get Google on your side and you can make a small fortune.

Google provides a free tool called the "Google Adwords Keyword Tool".  You simply need to sign up for a free account -> Click here.  Google provides this tool to help their customers decide what keywords to bid on when buying advertising with Google, but it also gives the Internet marketer everything they need to do some real research.  Many of the tools of the IM trade rely on the Keywords Tool information for analysis and recommendations.  Before you do anything else get an Adwords account.

The Tools

These are some of my favorite IM tools, I have tried many, many tools, but these are the one I find myself reaching for most often when marketing new sites.

The Keyword Academy. There are two sets of tools that TKA provides which of are extremely useful, Niche Refinery and Postrunner.  Niche Refinery takes input from your Google Adwords research and returns information on the potential profitability and strength of your competition.  This Internet marketing tool reduces the time it takes me to review search engine results from days to just about an hour.  The second tool is Postrunner. Postrunner is a collection of wordpress blogs owned by other TKA members.  As a member you are allowed to post up to 100 posts each month to these blogs.  If you are looking to increase your rankings, having hundreds of blogs, all on different IP blocks and differing pageranks, is an awesome tool to have to develop quality backlinks.   The Keyword Academy offers a free 30 day trial.  This trial included everything to which a full paying member has access.  I recommend that the first thing you do is watch the core videos.  This will give 90% of the information you need to begin marketing successfully on the Internet.


Market Samurai and Keyword Selection

Finding the best keywords by analyzing data is the cornerstone of SEO.  When developing websites, IInternet Marketing Samurai start with a keyword analysis.  Building a site around strong well-research keywords gives the website the best chance for success and profitability.  It is distressing to see how many small business sites are built, and fail because no thought was given to keyword selection.  I have paid much more for keyword tools that do much less than this program.  One of my favorite features is the rank tracker, it lets me know exactly where my site ranks on the major search engine for a list of keywords.  This alone saves me hours of work.  Market Samurai collects tons of useful data on keywords, provides suggestions, and even helps you find products to can sell for commissions, related articles to use on your site, and helps you write Adwords ads and develop campaigns.  Market Samurai also offers a free 30 day trial.  Go the site, watch the videos, and use your 30 day trial to develop a strong list of keywords.

Online promotions

The other side of Internet Marketing is online promotion.  This topic will probably require an additional post in order to give it the detail it deserves.  For this category I would recommend several services as opposed to automated tools.  The goal here is to get your site viewed by as many people as possible.  Preferably by people who are already interested in your product of service.

Press Releases are a great way to get your message out.  The cost normally depends on how wide an audience you want reach. is a leader in online press releases.  They can send your release to newspapers, radio stations, magazines and thousands online and paper print journalists.

Email Marketing. Icontact and Aweber are two to the best.  They provide you all the tools to build a email list.  Research shows that on average a customer will buy after being contacted or exposed to your product or service seven times.  By using email distribution your can follow up on people that have already shown an interest in your site and requested that you email them.